Without the help of OPG, we would never have achieved this high level of success.”

Laura did a great job keeping the discussion moving and getting everyone involved.”

The way the information was presented got people who never participate to do so.”

The course made me aware of some things and to look at things more openly.”

The session was enriching and added value that I will bring back to my work.”

Every class was meaningful and helpful; the leadership discussion was great.”

Great mix of philosophy, theory and experience and understanding of our organization.”

The best presenter ever. We walked away with so much depth of information — we can't get enough.”

I've already used some of the learnings in my interactions.”

As a result of her expertise and insight, we have the confidence to move forward with clarity.”

Laura and her staff's professionalism and expertise made the process enjoyable and valuable to our organization.”

See how well we learn, and use what we have learned! Count us as satisfied clients!”

Laura quickly nails areas that need work with actionable items and is very helpful as we try to implement change rationally.”

Our organization has benefitted greatly from its engagement with OPG.”

We anticipate the benefits from the guidance received will continue to produce rewards.”

As a result of the 3-day retreat, there is a strong feeling of commitment, alignment and wanting to achieve.”

The retreat was well-planned and delivered and resulted in a clear vision for us to move forward.”

Laura's facilitation allowed open, robust and honest dialogue, resulting in the team's shared vision of the strategy.”

Did I DREAD yet another time management session? YES! Was it good? Better than good - it was WONDERFUL!”

Working with Tony as my coach has helped me to ask more thought-provoking questions of others and myself...The results are staggering!”

...I have learned so much from you, both about leadership and facilitation, and about an approach to and way of seeing the world...”

I am glad that we conducted the culture survey. It provided a forum for staff and management to talk openly about the firm's strengths and weaknesses.”

I believe that 5 years from now, I will be able to look back at our decision to engage OPG and recognize it as a breakthrough moment in the evolution of our organization.”

I would strongly recommend OPG to other firms. They were all a pleasure to work with. Laura and her staff were a terrific team.”

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